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Has the internet actually gone too far?

2017-07-28 03:48:06 by Voltage

Out of curiosity, do you men/women/fbi of the internet believe that the net has gone too far?


By this I mean that we seem to be living in a state of super surveillance. I sort of feel like this "place" isn't what I remember it being 10 years ago, let alone 15 years ago, but on the net you can't do a single thing without a high level of scrutiny.


You can't go on websites to apply for a loan, or go on dating apps/sites under fear of catfishing or trolling, you can't "try" to get famous on YouTube/NG/anywhere else where e-Fame comes with vicious trolls.


While I don't let these things stop me from doing what I like doing, I am extremely suspicious of virtually everything. One thing that almost had me not go to the office party last year was that while I'm familiar with the staffers and masterminds at NG I just am not familiar with who I'd meet. This same principle is applying to the internet world, and how "close" we really are when we could very well be far apart.


There was a time when I was WAAAAY more connected with virtually everyone I've met online but even people I've come to trust over a decade I have gone totally tight-lipped on.


So I ask you again, do you guys believe the internet has gone too far? Is anonymity becoming a thing of the past, and only a trait that only the lustrious can pull off? Or, perhaps we do the opposite, and try to bring everyone together under the foolish belief we're almost a civlization type one?


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2017-07-28 05:01:38

I honestly think that your thought is right, yes it has gone too far in my opinion : In the early 2000s people started to use internet to troll people, you can't do what you like and share it online on big sites like Youtube because honestly, people will jerk of you, only forums like Newgrouds allow us to share content without being "Trolled".


2017-07-28 05:02:04

I get what you mean and I may be just rambling here but ...

I think this is a natural consequence of the "average individual" takeover of the internet.
Not so long ago net citizens were different, people used to mind their own business on the web, sure they were some trolls and nosy fellows here and there, but now everyone is on the internet.
And same as every mass activity ever, a huge amount of bullshit and shear stupidity it's inevitable.


2017-07-28 07:14:34

id cum where i stand


2017-07-28 14:49:56

no newgrounds is dead enough so most of the trolls stay away, it's quite good actually.


2017-07-28 21:35:11

Too far... or not far enough, depending on which approach you take.
On one hand..trolls took it too far not just online but all through history. It's not something you'd ever prevent. Yet, because of children and stupid people being exposed to this online, surveillance has been presented as the magic option. Social networks and most popular web platforms are playing right into their hands. Huge corporations and record labels all wanted people on MySpace and later YouTube. Now with all our details and information freely given to them, let's just throw spying on us into the mix. Because.... it will surely stop the cyber bullies lmfao.
Remember when you'd just turn off your device and go outside? What happened to that... or just fucking manning up and growing a pair god damn. Stick up for yourselves.

Erm what. On the other hand. The internet hasn't gone far enough. I think you summarised that pretty well. People act like we're in a civilisation type one because they're suddenly all digitally connected. But they weren't there when it was first happening in the early 2000s, it wasn't cool enough for them then. When it took effort. They never had to actually search for things or want to actually find stuff that interested them. Never saw the potential, even just to learn stuff. They only want to be spoon-fed bullshit on their apps and networks. They don't want to think. Man this is where the internet hasn't gone far enough. Those idiots act like you can't actually use the web like a forum or something boring. Those boring things were the best thing about the internet. Everything they're trying to kill off was closer to a civilisation type one than any of the crap they use. So it's a shame it never caught on and that they wanna throttle it all down to like 56K speeds.

So yes and also no.
Because I think this glorious technological miracle really was the last stand against corruption among our leadership, for many years to come. We need more.


2017-07-29 06:11:28

Ya I did it before too. I trolled everyone I met when I was young and got in trouble for it. I'll never forget. That and I remember this site wasn't even as nearly as PC as it is these days. In fact this site wasn't even NG as we know it today but rather 'Assassin'. Think about it. There's no way in hell that a domain name like this would fly in modern times.


2017-08-15 22:32:22

My sole opinion is this,

The interwebs have gone to sh*t.

Basically it's been destroyed since things like
*COUGH Vine Compilations COUGH COUGH Any Famous YouTuber COUGH*,
trolls and such, as you said, and terabytes among terabytes of pornography!
Perfect for your children to be exposed to at the ripe ol' age of 5.

I miss 2010, when the YTPs were full of Spadinners and half of YouTube wasn't populated by "MINECRAFT EPIC BUILD MLG MODS COMPILATION!!!!!" or "Elsa Frozen Play With Spiderman Attack Save For KIDS!".