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2014-08-28 13:52:22 by Voltage

@BillionthVirus wrote:

"It seems like you're trying to recreate the old unfunny, random images and weird noises style of humor from 2000-2005. This was not funny, interesting, or enjoyable in anyway."

0 stars

on this animation I recently uploaded:


BillionthVirus' 4 first favorite works entirely include Egoraptor. Ya know...

Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth said: "You must be anvil or hammer." Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth is dead. For other animators, there is Kongregate.


Dude, I hate to say but I'm not "trying to recreate" it -- I'm a product OF the early 2000s era and it's almost an in-joke just to understand the "old unfunny" shit from the 2000s. I'm pretty sure you were being a full-on asshole and have NO idea how much effort I actually put into that.



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2014-08-28 13:56:48

lol, plus newgrounds was really cool in 2000 - 2005, I swear some people, don't let them get you down.

Voltage responds:

No it just sucks, there I was like, "Damn! 5 star reviews all around!" then a 0 stars, like, there is a half star in reviewing to say "well you gave it your best effort but this is barely acceptable."