Entry #137

The Saviors 3 is nearly done (part 2)

2014-04-14 23:36:54 by Voltage


This was taken on the morning of this day, the day of the Blood Moon.




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2014-04-17 00:54:22

16,000 frames, that's some odometer reading, and you had to do more than just put your foot down. Ugh, don't remind me, bad enough Syria is now Armageddon....

Good news! You have an email from Tom (in whatever email account you've been using w/ NG). It's short notice, but you're in dude, hope to see you next Saturday!

Voltage responds:

Damn, that's awesome, thanks VicariousE!


2014-04-17 18:12:51

Glad to oblige a fellow OG.... I don't know why I got invited, I just talk a lot |:


2014-05-02 02:59:59

So, what (didn't) happened? Couldn't swing the trip, it is kinda a long one... I did okay, got there in under an hour taking the NJ and PA Turnpikes.

Voltage responds:

Got a gig that weekend =( but if there is a next time... I shall reserve the date, and will have a (hopefully) more noticeable rep. :P


2014-05-04 00:34:10

With your name on the guest list, I'm sure a few curious attendees checked you out.

Voltage responds:

i will turn them heads come 2015. :D thank you mr e :D