Entry #103

I come on Newgrounds hurhur

2013-12-03 16:14:22 by Voltage

But in all honesty, I keep coming back to see, "what's new?"


Ugh. Nothing new! FUCK!


Also, here's an idea I have to continue the original Portal going. I think that the system shouldn't change. I also think we shouldn't 'censor' aspects and games because GOLLY JEE! THE IDEA'S TOO EXPLICIT! 

I think the N-G Alphas idea was great, and for people that haven't been on the site longer than 5 years or have at least 10/20 N-G approved animations through the main Portal can still submit on the Portal.

But for newcomers to get a 'hang' of things and abso-fucking-lutely terrified of the reviews and ratings, send the old fashioned '3MB' limit to a place where new animators get a grip for things.

I know some people don't like that idea, but really I think the content of animations as of the last few YEARS is just sorely lacking in true quality. People aren't really utilizing their capabilities past games and interesting cartoon ideas, and I'd think someone up their sport before posting to the Portal. 


For veterans of the site that are bored, this also opens the way to allow the site lurkers to also engage the N-G alpha process. It's just a shame we didn't empower that entire idea, I think it could go far and avoid things like the Sandy Hook game we got recently. Also to teach people, STOP SUBMITTING UNORIGINAL GARBAGE!

Fucking shit. I guess the one-liner animations and real animation work going on is bad enough, the next thing is insanely controversial 'art' garbage that media kids and conservative families cry about to get the site shut down because animators apparently aren't putting their real creative efforts into quality.


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