The Saviors 3 is nearly done, but I need voices

2013-07-24 00:49:20 by Voltage

Saviors 3 is complete, animation/sfx wise (to my opinion...) BUT

I need voices!

If you're a female voice who likes Earthbound get in touch.
If you're a male voice with a mean voice get in touch.
If you can sound like Goku get in touch.

Hope people anticipate this, its the first time in awhile I've animated animations back to back (as fast as I could in a year I guess)! plus it's intense. the demos i've previewed are just that outdated.


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2013-07-24 02:01:01

Dude, use the Collabinator (under the Audio drop down menu, says 'Team Up') or check out the recent entries in the Audio forum, under... there's an advertising thread in there, usually on the first page.

You'll get people on board a lot quicker!

Voltage responds:

I shall do.


2013-07-24 14:16:59

I don't know if I mentioned these guys, but:

Voltage responds:

AH! thank you.