The Saviors 3 (88%!!!!) NEED SUM VOICE ACTORS HERE

2013-07-09 11:17:23 by Voltage

So basically, I need you as a voice. I need someone ready to send me an MP3 within just a few days that wants to be part of the Saviors 5 experience.

You need to know emotion and how to play your characters.

Narrator - You must sound official like you can sell my animation for millions.

Ness (from Earthbound) - at best, sounds similar to Timmy Turner (he has a higher pitched kid for a 12 year old)

Jeff (from Earthbound) - Nerdy looking kid who I imagine sounds a bit like Neil from Family Guy - the kid that likes Meg a lot? That kid.
Crono (from Chrono Trigger) - Sounds like Goku because CRONO NEVER HAD A VOICE (he did talk though)

Banon (from Final Fantasy VI) - An older man. You must sound like an old man. Kind of tricky to do right. This might be my voice.

Hench 1 (from Chrono Trigger) - Rednecky grunt guard that yells.

Hench 2 (from Chrono Trigger) - Lighter toned rednecky grunt guard that is annoyed by Hench 1.

Samus (from Metroid series) - Store Owner of her space mercenary shop. Takes mostly anything for compensation, including nerdy 12 year olds - thereby establishing Samus is a brilliant pedophile. Oh my.
Invader Zim (HE IS ZIM!) - You need to be able to do Zim's voice.

Colonel Lasher (Lasher from Chrono Trigger) - He sounds vicious. British accent. Very official.

Tom Fulpe (Nu from Chrono Trigger) - Blue thing, you need to sound like Tom Fulp.

Calypso (Air Force from Final Fantasy 6) - Just a vicious sounding voice for a floating enemy entity.


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2013-07-10 15:07:32

That's a big list... you should put up an ad in the Collabinator and check out the voice demos from the Audio portal AND there's a thread int he Audio part of the BBS with folks looking to work...

I'll try and get a demo out soon and give you the link... been awful busy lately; seems like every time I'm here, it's a marathon of clicking around and not enough time to smell the roses