Re: conversation to Bryn regarding my "role" as an admin

2013-02-12 05:20:17 by Voltage

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Voltage - said (10/10/2012 at 4:37 AM)
please unban my ip before its too late
Voltage - said (11/15/2012 at 11:40 PM)
bryn you are a gaay
Voltage - said (12/13/2012 at 1:25 AM)

Voltage - says (4:56 AM)
Voltage - says (4:58 AM)
why don't you fucking get performance art
why don't any of you fucking ingrates understand anything
Voltage - says (4:59 AM)
Jesus CHRIST Bryn get on the fucking program. Why do you live the life you do?
Actually, why do you accept the life you have?
Voltage - says (5:00 AM)
Simple, right? No need to cause complications, just play by the rules. I partially envy you for your stability and support for that community. In fact, even you as an individual.
Voltage - says (5:01 AM)
But there's one thing I will not envy but pity about you. That is by the time things are said and done, you will feel some impartial emptiness. Sort of a lack of fullness.
Voltage - says (5:02 AM)
Do you really wonder, or do you even stop to ponder even for a moment why I do and did the things I've done?
To earn the stigma and lapse of causal drama?
Do you really even think somebody purposely does that even when washed up, or do you -actually- know what a wash up looks like?
Voltage - says (5:03 AM)
It's all performance, Bryn.
You set the stage but offer nothing. The interest sits in your crowd and the crowd left awhile ago.
Voltage - says (5:04 AM)
Where's the diversion? Where is the drama onset? The last I heard, your festival was similar to a shady funeral of a distant unknown relative. Seats empty with undressed embrace, the chill of a death in the air.
Voltage - says (5:05 AM)
It's kind of your fault, you know.
Voltage - says (5:06 AM)
I hope I'm that little voice that echoes inside of your head, or maybe deep in your soul that speaks in tongues that only cause you to wonder what the alliteration dictates. I don't think you see the movements as genius, but foolish in design and for rightful opinion.
Voltage - says (5:07 AM)
I'm equal to you in fame. I'm equal to you in power and money. I'm equal to you in intellect but I have a stronger penchant for seeing somebody's blood when I'm faced with BKB.
That's only because I like putting on a show for my fans, and I don't mind selling out if it means I have to look like a fucking blatant retard.
Voltage - says (5:08 AM)
Enjoy your circus, all your pets are dead and standing in place are police officers and onlookers. I think you should sweat about the things you do not, just as much as you should shed at least a tear for what was lost that could of been saved.
Voltage - says (5:09 AM)
Just echo that phrase. Just blame yourself. Maybe not to you. Actually, it should be to me.
Voltage - says (5:10 AM)
See you later, boonie.


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2013-02-12 13:23:41

Sounds like the NG BBS in the early 2000's, though before that (98-00), it was even more personal, brutal and amazing. This was on YouTube?