Are Minecraft videos on YouTube already done?

2013-01-25 22:39:00 by Voltage

Here's an interesting question...

Is there anyone here on NG that would agree that Minecraft videos are -incredibly- boring; as in they do not seem to speak anything of original value?

I seem to find myself unable to watch ANY Minecraft videos. Even if it's a tutorial video on how to do or use something, I don't want to hear it or see it. This makes me wonder... does playing the game cause this attitude?

Whenever I see something on YouTube - even a thumbnail alluding to Minecraft, I instantly get sick. I actually do not want to ever click on that. I don't know why, but it makes me feel like how sprite series are here on NG. Sort of overdone and 90% animations kinda suck. I won't lie, I will take a hit there. I continue doing it after over 10 years though.

So this makes me wonder, do you think Minecraft videos are "done" as in there's not really any originality left in them... or do you think that there's still room for improvement and unique additions?


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2013-01-25 23:00:09

I reckon you've just seen all that there is to do, and are bored...


2013-01-25 23:19:20

Well, personally.
I'm not bored of them at all.
Well, i'm bored of some youtubers, some make me laugh my fuckin' ass off.
But, your opinion, not mine.


2013-01-26 01:33:04

There has to be something better (intellectually entertaining) online than watching a retro game....


2013-01-26 09:57:50

I've never even liked Minecraft. And thanks for telling me about the videos, now I know I shouldn't even look at them. But seriously, I won't play a game that has bad graphics and runs too slowly on my computer. That would just drain my lifeforce.