Everything is Terrible

2013-01-05 13:50:53 by Voltage

I love everything is terrible. If I had to decide between dwelling about a beautiful girl that would of potentially became my girlfriend in due time after all the pain and aspiration of earning her love and trust over the period of about 6 years, or learning early about everythingisterrible...

I would say fuck you bitch! I'm gayer than a flock of seagulls! Then I would of put that shit on loop and jerked off ALL day!

- V


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2013-01-05 13:57:55

I will admit, Everything is Terrible is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can spend all day watching that shit.

Voltage responds:



2013-01-05 16:57:06

Exactly! Especially the really hilarious 90's shit, computer and religious segments.

Voltage responds:

sooo good :DD


2013-01-05 21:48:58

I just had to see this, didn't I. But I did. I did years ago, looking for shit to watch at the video store in the 80's and 90's. Everything's terrible in the 21st century, I wanna go back!!

Voltage responds:

I know. it's why I love EIT now. They just do the 90s, again.