through my eyes

2012-12-09 23:58:56 by Voltage

all i do is i'll wake up. find a new way to get high. work on something. i either drink or i smoke or i do something insane. the other day i coulda got herWAN but i didnt want to. why am i turning so self-destructive?

is it truly me behind me? or is it something more?


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2012-12-10 01:25:48

Good questions, but I found that ambiguity in personal matters/truths is what upsets the apple cart.
If something goes unresolved, it just sits there getting moldy and stinky.


2012-12-10 02:03:48

...I don't know... All I know is taking drugs ends up screwing your life up. Life is more than getting high. *sigh* :c