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I've been pretty active in the FWKZT community, we have a project under wraps at the moment but

as usual I'm making zombie survival maps, which is something I wanted to do since Saviors of the Princess 5

was out (over 10 years ago).


I've been making these maps, chopping at them and learning things about entities, like how to make a

valve puzzle, or igniting a fuse and setting off some fireworks.

Give it a look see:



Out of curiosity, do you men/women/fbi of the internet believe that the net has gone too far?


By this I mean that we seem to be living in a state of super surveillance. I sort of feel like this "place" isn't what I remember it being 10 years ago, let alone 15 years ago, but on the net you can't do a single thing without a high level of scrutiny.


You can't go on websites to apply for a loan, or go on dating apps/sites under fear of catfishing or trolling, you can't "try" to get famous on YouTube/NG/anywhere else where e-Fame comes with vicious trolls.


While I don't let these things stop me from doing what I like doing, I am extremely suspicious of virtually everything. One thing that almost had me not go to the office party last year was that while I'm familiar with the staffers and masterminds at NG I just am not familiar with who I'd meet. This same principle is applying to the internet world, and how "close" we really are when we could very well be far apart.


There was a time when I was WAAAAY more connected with virtually everyone I've met online but even people I've come to trust over a decade I have gone totally tight-lipped on.


So I ask you again, do you guys believe the internet has gone too far? Is anonymity becoming a thing of the past, and only a trait that only the lustrious can pull off? Or, perhaps we do the opposite, and try to bring everyone together under the foolish belief we're almost a civlization type one?

7 months later

2017-02-10 18:58:18 by Voltage

Pretty soon I'll be working on more content, more songs,

other cool stuff to keep you guys entertained.

Sorry if this bumps you folks on the list, this is just a newsflash proving

I am not dead.

Talk black to me

2016-07-29 23:57:16 by Voltage


You know who you are

2016-07-19 19:58:51 by Voltage

They outlined it in the chalk.

Word to the wise...

... and the Barman calls, "Die."


You are someone else

2016-05-20 02:22:00 by Voltage

I am still right here.


Here's some live action stuff.




2016-04-28 02:47:49 by Voltage



2016-04-19 19:49:28 by Voltage




lmope ehat imn into right now

2015-10-23 06:08:39 by Voltage

I meant to type "know what I'm into right now?" but it was all wrong so I kept it


"VHS GLITCH" this is a masterwork piece of 80s throwback music holy shit I mean sure, Newgrounds has great things, but this artist bro